The Digital Talent Experts

unfiltered view from our NYC office above

The Digital Talent Experts

unfiltered view from our NYC office above

We Speak Your Language

Synergy Interactive is a Digital Recruiting Agency located in New York & Florida. At Synergy Interactive, we not only speak your language, we see it, we hear it, and we understand it. We are The Digital Talent Experts and we specialize in the recruitment of today’s most in-demand professionals across a few specialized areas including Creative, Interactive, Mobile, Production, Technical and Client Services. Not only does our talent run deep, but our client spectrum also has depth, spanning several industries including Ad Agencies, Fashion/Retail, Media, Financial and Fortune 500 Companies.

What's Next?

At Synergy Interactive, we are always evolving by seeking out the “what’s next” in terms of the latest trend or breakthrough in the digital world. We never settle in our search. And we take pride in creating long lasting candidate / client partnerships designed to infuse new energy and a fresh perspective into your career growth / business environment. Whether it be Consulting, Full-Time, Freelance, or Contract to Hire, we will take the time to learn your personal interest / workplace culture and listen to your individual / team building goals. Most importantly, Synergy Interactive has the leading edge that helps our candidates moving forward in their career and lets our clients find and partner with the elite talent their company needs to succeed.

Blake Bhatia

CEO & Founder

Emory University, Biology

Ryan Watson


Penn State, Information Sciences and Technology

Evan Whitman

Executive Vice President

Western New England University, Communications

Ryan Meyer

Vice President

University of Florida, Business & MBA

Andy Clinkman

Vice President

Marist College, Public Relations & Communication

Chris Dean

Lead Interactive Recruiter

Rutgers University, Exercise Science & Sport Studies

Morgan Miller

Market Executive

University of Mississippi, Business Administration and Finance

Cody Hazen

Senior Interactive Recruiter

Full Sail University, Computer Animation

Ryan Edgar Lopez

Senior Interactive Recruiter

University of South Florida, Communication

Stephen Trimble

Recruiting Manager

University of West Florida, Communications

Michael Groves

Recruiting Manager

University of Central Florida, Business Administration - Master of Science - HR Management

Jordan Davis

Senior Interactive Recruiter

University of Central Florida, Multi-/Interdisciplinary Studies

Connor Bickford

Recruiting Manager

Hofstra University, Psychology

Sarra Souid

Senior Interactive Recruiter

Furman University, Economics & Political Science

Christian Hummer

Senior Interactive Recruiter

Florida State University, Psychology

Veronica Geraghty

Recruiting Manager

Valencia College, General Studies

Dana McLaughlin

Interactive Recruiter

SUNY at Oswego

Justin Robertson

Interactive Recruiter

Florida International University, History

Brandon Goldberg

Interactive Recruiter

University of Central Florida, Hospitality Management

Sarah Karleskint

Interactive Recruiter

University of Central Florida, Event Management - Magna Cum Laude

Casee Taylor

Interactive Recruiter

Rollins College, Environmental Studies & Civic Urbanism

Brendon Gonzales

Interactive Recruiter

University of Central Florida, Advertising

Anthony Carrozza

Interactive Recruiter

University of Central Florida, Marketing

Austin Cannon

Interactive Recruiter

Seminole State, Business Management

Jonathan Hicks

Interactive Recruiter

University of Central Florida, Hospitality Management

Courtney Hall

Interactive Recruiter

University of Central Florida, Interdisciplinary Studies

Joshua Nelson

Interactive Recruiter

State University of New York College at Cortland, Sport and Fitness Administration/Management

Sasha Lalmansingh

Interactive Recruiter

University of Central Florida, Psychology

Evan Rorie

Interactive Recruiter

Andrews University, Public Relations, Advertising and Applied Communication

Taylor Tomko

Interactive Recruiter

University of Alabama, Human Environmental Science

Jesus Suarez

Interactive Recruiter

University of Central Florida, Health Science

Tom Vicario

Interactive Recruiter

Adelphi University, Music Performance

Jared Eaton

Interactive Recruiter

US Air Force

Brittany Lampert

Interactive Recruiter

Miami Dade College, Public Safety

Priscila Luzuriaga

Interactive Recruiter

University of Central Florida, Integrated Business

Benjamin Scaglione

Interactive Recruiter

Columbia University, Master of Science, Bioethics

Rashmi Kulkarni

Accounting Manager

University of Pune, Accounting and Finance

Keep Moving Forward

At Synergy Interactive, we work hard, we work smart, we don’t waste time and that translates into us securing you that optimum opportunity. To obtain the best position, you have to work with the best. We are knowledgeable, we care, we listen and that’s why we are the Industry Leader in Digital Talent. Synergy Interactive will help you grow, broaden your level of expertise and take the next step in your career. Please send us your resume and bring us your talent, together we will help you keep moving forward.

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Our value is the sum of our values...

we connect the dots

The recruitment space is an incredibly saturated industry, and Synergy’s ‘unique identifier’ is our devotion to working smart. We earn the trust of the talent we partner with because we possess the wherewithal and the necessary connections to help them find a new job. Industry surveys have revealed that the biggest complaint prospective candidates have with recruiters is that recruiters lack the expertise in a candidate’s occupation or industry. Let’s face it, our candidates will always be the experts, but Synergy has made a strategic commitment to working specific markets and skill sets so that we can speak your language and represent your interests accurately. There are subtle differences in a job description that make certain opportunities relevant for certain people: We are masters at our craft because we know how to align the needs of our clients with the expertise and interests of our candidates.

we inquire

Knowledge is derived from listening, not talking, and it’s our inquisitive nature that provides us with the unique ability to understand the needs of our clients and candidates beyond the bullet points highlighted on a resume or job description. We forge successful relationships by submitting to an investigative approach, enabling us to learn from the brilliant minds responsible for the commercials you see on TV, the apps you play with on your phone, and the emerging technologies that are revolutionizing our society. We are meticulous detectives that create strategic partnerships with advertising agencies, mass media firms, Fortune 500 companies, and startups. The only constant is that there is no constant, and at Synergy, there is never a dull moment!

we're real

Synergy is a refreshing breath of real, and our business model is built upon the philosophy of operating on a mutual level of respect. We’re not car salesmen, telemarketers, or robots. We do not cold call people at their desks, carelessly inundate people with mass email-blasts, or try to force square pegs into round holes – we are the best at what we do because we understand that no one size fits all. WE PERSONALIZE. Synergy takes the time to get to know you, and we follow through when others don’t. Our clients and candidates play on our softball team, join us for happy hours, (sometimes) take us to school on the ping-pong table... come see for yourself - our doors are always open!

we help

Synergy, at its core, was built upon the principal of restoring the craft of recruitment to its purest form. Our firm is guided by honest and big-hearted recruitment professionals. They served as soldiers at larger staffing firms, and all left with the same question: what ever happened to the service industry?! If we could leave one, and only one, impression on the people we work with, it is that Synergy-is-here-to-HELP! Our goal is to provide a service that ultimately helps people advance their careers while providing companies with the talent they need to grow – by putting the needs of others before ourselves, Synergy laid the foundation for true, organic growth, and we continue to prove that it is possible to cultivate a successful business while maintaining a benevolent agenda.

we inspire

Galvanized by the creative minds that define our ecosystem, we inspire those around us to dream big in both a professional and personal context. As a result, Synergy is a reflection of the passions that we inspire, and we assembled a lively team that challenges the conventional model of doing business. Our sun-soaked office, located in the Heart of Union Square, is brightened by a vibrant group of professionals. If our positivity and humor can’t make you laugh out loud, I can assure you that the eclectic music selection radiating from our ping pong room will.

we vibe

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean. We, at Synergy, recognize the value in working cooperatively with each other, and if we hope to prove anything, it’s that enjoying your life and enjoying your job are NOT meant to be mutually exclusive. We see no strategic advantage in cultivating a competitive environment that mirrors the vehemently “cut-throat” working culture commonly seen throughout New York City. Our successes, and missteps, are shared, largely because we see ourselves as friends and not co-workers. As a result, everyone on this TEAM is moving forward in the same direction.

we dance

Synergy is always looking for its cue to dance. Our victories are gilded by the good times that follow, and we have an easy time finding reasons to celebrate as our business grows beyond our expectations. Our track record of trips to the Caribbean, dinner sunset cruises, rooftop parties, trivia nights, and countless happy hours show how successful we are at celebrating our prosperity.

we sail

Our ability to out-compete some of NYC’s mammoth, multi-national staffing firms is directly correlated to our courage to persevere through the storm that would persuade others to turn back. We’re not going to sugarcoat it; the road to success is garnished in rejection and forged by persistence, and this is a sentiment that each and every Synergy member confronts on a daily basis. Our perseverance ensures the continued success of our team members, candidates, and clients. It gives us the unfaltering strength to support those of you who run into any of the variables that can take the wind out of your sails. The overwhelming optimism and support that we share with each other provides the necessary motivation to KEEP MOVING FORWARD.

...And we value our culture above all else.

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